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 Combs Cemetery    (Izard County, Arkansas)




Combs Cemetery had its beginning in about 1883 with the donation of a 5-acre parcel of land by Robert Combs.  In June of 1883, Edna Elizabeth (Campbell) Combs, the wife of Robert Combs, became the first person to be buried at Combs Cemetery.

On May 14, 1960 the Combs Cemetery Association was formed with the charter to care for and maintain the Combs Cemetery.  At that time, the following officers were elected:

  • Ralph Combs (President, d.1985)
  • E.K. Richardson (Vice President)
  • Joe Campbell (Treasurer, d.1993)
  • R.C. Blankenship (Secretary)
  • Jackson "Joe" Combs, Jr. (Caretaker, d.1980).

Combs Cemetery Association

In 1980, the Combs Chapel (pictured below) was built on the property.  This 24'x42' building can accommodate approximately 100 people and is used as a place to hold funerals.

Combs Cemetery Chapel

Chapel at Combs Cemetery

As of 2011, there are over 750 people buried in the Combs Cemetery.

Gazebo at Combs Cemetery


Help Support the Combs Cemetery


The upkeep and maintenance of the Combs Cemetery relies upon support and donations from those with an interest in preserving the cemetery, such as yourself. If you would like to have a part in helping to maintain the Combs Cemetery, please contact the Combs Cemetery Association directly at the following address:

Combs Cemetery Association

c/o Lloyd Jeffery

20 Jumbo Road

Melbourne, Arkansas 72556


Combs Cemetery Association Annual Meeting


The annual meeting of the Combs Cemetery Association is held on the 2nd Saturday of May in Melbourne, Arkansas.  The 2011 annual meeting was held on May 14 at 10:00 am, followed by a Memorial Service.  For more information, contact the Combs Cemetery Association.

Combs Cemetery Association

c/o Lloyd Jeffery

20 Jumbo Road

Melbourne, Arkansas 72556





Boyce Gillihan, President

Lee Campbell Watson

Don Watson, Vice-President

Jeffery Mitchell

Robert C. Blankenship, Secretary

Charles Everett

Lloyd Jeffery, Treasurer

Willis Morehead


Rocky Campbell


Bradley Sipe


Charles Smith


Phillip Gillihan


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